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The Midterms

Last night were the midterms. I really wasn't surprised by the NY elections. Everyone knew that Clinton would be re-elected and that Spitzer was going to be governor. It was money in the bank.

I have to say that this year I was probably more informed about the candidates (all of them) than in previous years. That's not to say I wasn't paying attention in previous elections but you know that when you go to the polls you see all these other names and other parties that you had never heard of...The League of Women Voters actually takes the time to gather information about all these candidates so I went to their website,, and read up. I feel no shame in how I cast my votes but to the third parties out there - please get some viable candidates...PLEASE! The ones that you currently have are whack jobs. Oh and by the way...while I am at it...thank you NYS for reinvigorating the Cuomo dynasty! Mario, the former governor, really did a number on the state getting it into a huge amount of debt resulting in the Pataki administration - which wasn't so terrible but wasn't so great either. New York should perhaps consider changing its monicker from 'The Empire State' to the 'The Empire of Mediocrity.' So now Andrew Cuomo is Attorney General. Grand...just grand. If he is elected Governor - well we will wait and see.

Meanwhile I look at the rest of the country. The Democrats got control of the House - still waiting on the Senate. I am not sure how I feel about any of this. I am all for balance of power. Clearly we have not had that over the past 6 years. True the government was set up with the 3 branches and they are supposed to act as checks and balances but that has been rare. Back to the Dems...I was up watching the results come in - yes I am that kind of person - and many of the commentors - I watched a myriad of channels (Except Fox News, which is banned in this just makes me feel dirty) and they said similar things - that yes the Dems were winning but - and this was I found slightly disturbing - they were winning with conservative democrats, which meant that the Republicans were losing Liberals. If you had known me about 10 years ago I would say that a Moderate is merely someone who can not make up their mind. I have since changed that sentiment, recognizing that I am a moderate because of my stance on various issues. I am not sure whether this is good news or not...

Let me explain - I can almost guarantee - using for example the Marriage Protection Amendment - that the Liberal Republicans were the ones who voted against it - and if I am wrong it would be a safe bet that many of them voted against it.

Let me take a moment to celebrate the fact that Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) is out! That man worked many of my nerves. Bravo PA! I may revoke your square state status yet - but don't count your chickens just yet.

Interestingly, I picked up this week's Newsweek, which focused on the state of the evangelicals in the country - a very interesting article thus far. The quote I liked best so far was: "In his Encyclopedia of Evangilism, Randall Balmer defines evangelicals, broadly, as Protestants who emphasize conversion and are characterized by 'a suspicion of wealth, worldliness and ecclesiastical pretention.'" HA!

Back to politics - they, the talking heads, are speculating that Nancy Pelosi is probably going to become the next Speaker of the House - which would make her third in the line of succession - this means should the President and Vice-President run afowl of misfortune - she becomes the President. Something about her doesn't sit right with me.

So where does this country stand. Well - it's really to early to say. I think we will know by the end of the 1st 100 days - which would be around March 31st.

Also, several states introduced amendments to their constitutions that would ban gay marriage - so here is a list of states that are on my ever expanding "Dead to Me" list:
Alabama (the gay rights issue just sweetens the fact that I was right in making you dead to me for being a square state)
New Hampshire (Thank you for proving my point and rationaling my dislike of you)
North Dakota
Oklahoma (Thank you for proving my ban on the musical of the same name accurate - Oklahoma - you are not OK!)
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas (For the Bush Dynasty and introducing the Marriage Amendment)
Utah (I never really cared for you or your Mormons!)
Virginia (Change your slogan to "Virginia is for heterosexual lovers and not fags" POST HASTE!"

Also dead to me:
Sarah Brightman
Christopher Columbus (The non-historical one)

And now to the states that are
On Notice
Arizona (You are close to being transferred to the list above)
California (same as AZ missy)
Florida (You people screwed up an election because he do not know how to vote properly)

Also Square States not listed on the Dead to Me list (you know what you did), ABC
The History Channel
Broadway (for Crimes Against Humanity)
Lockwood Cybrary
Stephen King
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Well let's wait and see what happens to the country - if we do begin to heal from the rift of the current administration.
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