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Considerations and such

Well - I am taking a moment from school work to actually post something other than crap. I had my first date since the break up yesterday. It was atypical to others. We went to dinner and then to spot and then went for a walk around the lake at Delaware Park. Talking and just getting to know each other. I find him to be very fascinating and while we differ in a variety of ways its the type of difference where they are not going to become an issue. Whatever is going to happen will happen - if nothing else I would value his friendship.

In other news - my medical situation has been iffy. PT is rough. I have woken up daily with pain my shoulders - I think a new mattress may be in order but Sunday and Monday it was at its worst. I had gone shopping for a suit on Saturday nothing heavy duty. I woke up Sunday and I was practically crying. The stimulator does not impact my shoulders and I suspect that this pain has something to do with the trial because it is since the trial that I have been having this pain. As for the stimulator - well its too soon to tell.

What I am most pissed about is missing the Dalai Lama. I had been still dealing with my pain issues in the shoulders. As I was walking to the stadium I ran into Sue - a class mate from most of my Anthro classes this semester and two semesters back. I should have given her the ticket. I made it until 2pm. I could not sit in the bleachers and ended up leaving and by the time I got to my car I was crying - not from missing the experience but because of the pain. To the individual(s) who have recused their beliefs to my giving up - kiss my ass. Really kiss my ass.

I have been starting to think about Grad School more and more. I am going to broach the topic with teachers shortly. One of the authors that I have read - a historian on China - teaches at Yale and I would love to learn from him - Jonathan Spence. I also looked at the Anthro end of things and its equally interesting. Dr. Tedlock is pushing San Francisco because of the interest in sexuality but I do not want to study just that. I am still not sure which I want to go into because I have seen the benefits and detriments of both.

I did have an idea for an ethnographic study and in actuality it would almost be considered ethnological if carried out right but I am not sure yet and I do not want to mention it until I talk to the party(ies) that I would like to involve. Cross-culturaly it would be fascinating - especially considering background(s). I will see.

Right now I am in school isolation mode and have taken to turning the machine down so it is not a distraction so if you read this and I do not get back to you - be patient - its a semester that requires a lot of work. And busy work is good. BTW I got the voice recorder and am dying to try it out.
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